Kentucky Cichlids specializes in premium African Cichlids for sale online.  We ship fish direct to your door with a very aggressive DOA policy.  We are also an authorized retailer of Southern Delight Fish Food.  As a free service we offer professional fish disease advice and strategies.  

Many of our cichlids are bred by us right here in Kentucky;  the rest come from local designated breeders that we know and trust.  We are not a reseller of farm raised fish grown in acre ponds.  

Our hatchery is managed by Kentucky Cichlid's owner, Terry Boardman and our grow out facility is managed by Chris Mcgaughey.  Attention to every detail is our philosophy.  We don't cut corners and we don't overstock our tanks.  In fact, all of our
grow out tanks are spacious closed systems with natural environments, ideal for each species.  Husbandry and water conditions are maintained at the highest standard to ensure healthy happy fish.  We never use preventative antibiotics, hormones, or anything other than quality environments, perfect water conditions, and our personal touch!  You simply cannot find fish raised under better conditions.  Studies have shown that the future health and quality of a fish is significantly influenced to its level of stress during its development stage, which is why Kentucky Cichlids puts so much emphasis on how our fish are raised.

DISEASE: Treatment Strategies

No different than when Terry was with Louisville Cichlids- our services are open and free to you.  Terry is not only certified in veterinary fish medicine from the Univ. of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, but has worked in this capacity in laboratory settings and for federal agencies like the National Marine Fisheries Service and private institutions such as the University of Rhode Island and M.I.T.  He has Masters level degrees and certificates in biology, fish pathology, and fisheries science.  We will stay with you through those hard times when your fish are sick- prescribing medication and treatment strategies.  If necessary we will accept biological samples for analysis and have the facility to diagnose pathogens and to run sensitivity testing.

We look forward to working with you, to ensure your expectations are exceeded!